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Tailored Coaching Programmes

Introducing our new tailored coaching packagese…

If you are looking to improve your climbing, get some technical tips or develop a training programme that will improve your overall ‘climb fitness’ then our coaching programmes might be the answer.  They are devised and run by Mikey Cleverdon, who has recently joined the Quay Team after many years working as an instructor and coach at local centres such as The Barn and the Mill.  As one of the region’s leading climbers,  Mikey has a wealth of experience both practical and theoretical  that can help you improve your technique and your grade as well opening up new routes for you to enjoy!

We have a range of coaching packages available any are happy to work with you to tailor specific coaching if required.  Our current packages include:

5 week coaching programme

Our flagship package – this is designed to provide you with support and coaching over a number of weeks so that Mikey can work with you progressively on technique and conditioning.  The programme commences with a free assessment session to help us understand your goals, identify where you are with your climbing and set targets for the programme.  You will then have 4 weeks of tailored coaching designed to help you work on specific areas and develop your tecnique gradually.  After each session you will be given a training programme for the following week so that you can work on your objectives in your normal climbing sessions as well as in the coaching sessions.

Package summary:  5 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions

Cost:  £120

‘Climb’ Fitness’ Assessment Session and Tailored Training Schedule

The ideal solution for anyone who enjoys training independently but would welcome an overall ‘health check’ of their climbing and their general climb fitness, this package offers you both the chance for a full climbing assessment plus a tailormade training programme to take away and work on independently over a period of time.  During the one hour assessment session Mikey will review your current climbing technique and fitness.  He will be joined by Aaran Eade, our resident Sports Scientist, who will undertake a full climb fitness test looking at areas such as pinch grip, grip strength, shoulder strength and core stability/balance.  Mikey and Aaran will design a 6 week training programme focusing on climbing and tailored strength and conditioning work to help you achieve your climbing goals.  At the end of the 6 weeks you will have the opportunity to attend another 30 minute session to evaluate how the programme has worked for you and to give you continuing pointers for your future climbing.

Package summary:  1 x 1 hour 1:1 climbing assessment session, 6 week training schedule for you to follow and a 30 minute follow up session.

Cost:  £95

Single Coaching Sessions

Our single one-to-one coaching sessions are ideal for anyone looking for technique and training tips that will help them climb harder and better.  As little as one hour with an experienced coach can yield huge results and can even see very quick improvements in grade and general climbing style.  Single coaching sessions cost:

For one person:  £30 for 1 hour; £50 for 2 hours

For two people:  £50 for 1 hour; £90 for 2 hours

For larger groups please call for a quote.  If you are considering sharing coaching sessions with others, please bear in mind that all participants should be climbing within the same grade range in order to get maximum benefit from the coaching.

Package summary:  1 x 1 hour 1:1 climbing assessment session, 6 week training schedule for you to follow and a 30 minute follow up session.