Reopening Clip ‘n Climb – Everything You Need To Know…

You’ll notice a few changes in the centre when you next visit.  We want your Clip ‘n Climb experience to be the same action-packed adventure it’s always been.  But, before you visit, please remind yourself of the new measures we have put in place to reassure you and the things we are now asking of you.  Most importantly – don’t forget  to BOOK YOUR SESSION ONLINE  before you visit.


Managed Capacity

We've introduced capacity limits to be compliant with new guidelines

One-Way Systems

Are in place to help you navigate around the building and maintain social distance

Sanitising Stations

Are now available at all entrances, exists and around the climbing arena

Sanitising Mats

We've introduced sanitising mats to disinfect your shoes before climbing

Protected Our Team

Our team will be wearing face coverings and donning face shields for safety checks and briefings.

Managed Distancing

We've put in place social distancing reminders to help you keep your distance

Increased Cleaning

For all high contacts surfaces such as door handles and screens and briefing rooms

Protective Screens

We've installed protective screens in the reception and cafe to keep our team safe


Stay At Home

If you, or anyone in your household, displays symptoms of Covid-19

Book Online

You will need to pre-book your session online

Respect Social Distancing

Follow directional signage and respect the distance between yourself and other climbers


On arrival, before and after every climb and before you leave the centre

One Adult Per Group

One adult must accompany every group of children to help them with the auto belays.

Wear A Face Covering

When arriving at the centre and moving through our reception, cafe and for all safety briefings. You do not need to wear a covering when climbing or if you are under 11.

Bring Your Own Water

Water fountains will be shut and sadly we can't refil your bottles at the moment

Arrive Ready to Climb

With a padlock for our new lockers if you need to store personal possessions

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