The New Normal...

We've made a short film to help you understand how things have changed at the centre and what your first visit might look like. Check it out so you come prepared. We can't wait to greet you!

The Prow

Bring your 50 metre rope and enjoy the routes on our lead wall .  At 14 metres high, with a initial 15 degree overhang and a 50 degree roof this beast is waiting to be tackled.  Routes are regularly rotated and grades range from 6a into the 8’s to ensure that lead climbers of all levels can tackle ‘The Prow’!  

The Slab

Get your slab training in for the outdoor season on our 12 metre high, 10 degree sloping slab wall.  Including the Arch feature, this section of the centre features routes from 5 into the mid 7’s , which are regularly rotated to keep regulars happy whilst ensuring some problems stay up long enough to be conquered!

The Quarry

The Quarry is where it all begins!  At 10 metres high it’s a great area for beginners and groups to start tackling their first climbs.  Mostly top rope with a few lead training lines thrown in, the grades range from  3 to the 6’s.  There’s a few trickier problems thrown into the area too so its worth a visit even if you are a pro!

The Moon Board

Join the Moon Board revolution at the Quay and test yourself on thousands of problems available through the Moon Board App.   Routes replicate those on other Moon Boards around the country so you can test your progression against the growing community of Moon Boarders.   We run the board angle at 40 degrees to really test your climbing!  Click here to visit the Moon Board website where you can download the app.  

Billy’s Wall – the Auto Belays

Can’t find a climbing partner or want to train solo?  No worries – we’ve got seven auto belays at the centre each with four or more lines of climbing.    We re-set lines on a 6 weekly rotation to ensure that even the most keen auto belays always have something new to try!  Route grades range from 4+ to the low 7’s to ensure there’s something for climbers of all abilities to get their teeth into.

Two Boulder Rooms

Don’t be fooled – we may not be a large boulder centre but we’ve got two boulder caves with some pretty challenging problems on which to train.  Boulder Room 1 has a 2 metre roof, 10 degree circuit board and a feature wall with problems set for beginner and intermediate boulders.  We up the ante in Boulder Room 2 with our 40 degree training board, problems up to V10, a feature wall and fortnightly re-sets.