We’re looking forward to welcoming you at the Quay Climbing Centre.

Things are working a little differently at the moment as we gradually reopen our climbing centre in Exeter and the services we offer.  If you want to know what we are doing and what is currently still closed please check out our FAQ section.  If you’re already a climber you can speed up your first visit by filling in some simple forms ahead of time.  Just follow the guidance provided in the relevant tab below.

Getting started is very easy if you are over 18 and can appropriately fit a climbing harness; attach to a rope with a rethreaded figure of eight and safely protect your partner using a belay device.

You just need to go through a simple 3 step process to ensure you are safe to climb with us.  You can climb with us as a guest climber (perfect for those who are not local) or, if you plan to visit more regularly, you can become a registered climber for just £7.50 per year.

Registered climbers receive many benefits such as:  discounted entry prices, extra discounts with our trade partners and the ability to bring in guest climbers to benefit from your discount rate.  If you have any questions you can complete this process in full at the centre, otherwise steps 1 and 2 can be completed online.  Please note that online registration forms will automatically be deleted if you don’t visit the centre within 60 days.

STEP 1:  READ THE T’s& C’s

Read our Conditions of Use and Rules (our T’s & C’s) so you know how we work – we will quiz you on them when you visit!

Terms and Conditions of Use


Complete our online registration form.  Once you’ve finished,  follow the instructions to electronically sign and submit the form.

Online registration form


On your first visit, we’ll sign off your paperwork and undertake climbing safety checks, which includes some questions to be sure you’ve read the Conditions of Use!

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If you’re under 18 and are a regular climber there are lots of ways you can climb with us.  Whichever route you choose we will always ask your parents or guardians to sign a registration form confirming they are happy for you to climb.  If you’re under 14 you will currently need to be signed in by a registered adult climber (whatever discipline you need supervising in – ie bouldering, top rope or lead climbing).  If you are over 14 it is possible to climb unsupervised if you can pass our Junior ‘Sign-Off’ process.  This is a rigorous test to make sure you can undertake the activities you are signed up for.  If you are  under 16 we will always ask that a parent, guardian or supervising adult accompanies you to the centre.  If they are climbing and supervising you, then they need to remain with you at all times and supervise your climbing to make sure you are safe!

Here’s a reminder of the ways in which under 18s can enjoy climbing at the centre…


If you’re aged 5 or above you can come climbing under the supervision of a competent adult climber.  They’ll need to sign you in as a novice and complete a Parent/Guardian Consent Form when they check in at reception. They’ll also have to supervise your climbing so you are safe at all times!


If you’re a very experienced young climber who wants to climb independently you can attend a “Junior Sign Off” session for Bouldering, Top-roping or Lead climbing. The process is rigorous and you will be asked to demonstrate your technical competence and risk awareness.  Give us a call or visit us to find out more.

We like meeting new climbers and welcome guests into the centre.  If you’re already a registered climber and are over 18, you can bring along two guests.  You’ll need to take full responsibility for them whilst they are climbing at the centre. We understand that sometimes guests are novices, some may be under 18 and some may be experienced climbers so check out the information below to help you understand what we expect in each case.  Please also remember that under current Covid-19 restrictions any guests should be members of your household or social bubble if you are belaying them or coming into contact closer than 2 metres. 


If you’re a visiting climber coming independently or as a guest of one of our climbers all you need to do is complete a Registration Form. Our instructors will check your belaying and ask you a few safety questions before you climb. If you sign in as someone’s guest they are technically responsible for you for the duration of your visit! If you are a BMC member don’t forget to bring your membership card – we offer a £1 discount!

Registration Form


If your guests are new to climbing we’ll ask them to complete a Novice Climber Form and read the Novice Climber Terms and Conditions (ADD LINK).  You will need to take responsibility for them for the duration of their visit and provide the supervision and tuition they need.  You will also need to belay them at all times – they should not be belaying anyone unless signed off by one our instructors to do so!

Novice Climber Form


We welcome children from the age of 5 into the centre to climb with supervising adults.  If you’re bringing children to climb, you must complete a Novice Form and take full responsibility for the children for the duration of their visit.  You must be responsible for belaying  any children under your supervision.  If you are just belaying we will only charge you for the children’s climb – you’re doing all the work after all!

Novice Climber Form

We have always welcomed groups into the centre and have a long track record of designing sessions for all age groups in the roped climbing area or in our Clip ‘n Climb arena. Unfortunately for the time being we are not running any group sessions – we’ll have the running again when we feel the guidelines are in place to keep groups safe.

Likewise we have always welcomed visiting instructors and their groups to the centre.   At the moment we ask that all Visiting Instructors contact us before visiting the centre so we can discuss whether we can facilitate your visit under new Covid-19 restrictions and so that we can send you a copy of our Terms and Conditions for visiting groups.  Please do NOT turn up at the centre without booking first – we will sadly have to turn you away. 

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