We like to keep things simple here at Clip ‘n Climb Exeter so we charge the same price for all participants, whatever their age and whenever they climb.  A session costs just £12.50 per person.   

Don’t be fooled by the bright lights and the primary colours –  Clip ‘n Climb is great fun for adults too!  It’s a great aerobic workout and there are challenges there even for the most experienced climbers.  Remember, if you have booked a Clip ‘n Climb session, it doesn’t give you access to the roped climbing area.

It doesn’t matter how fit, how small, how daring or inexperienced you might be, we have a range of different challenges and routes which will appeal to all abilities and aptitudes. The minimum age is 4 years. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that children are old enough to participate.  If we become aware that a participant is under age we are required to stop their further participation and this session will not be eligible for a refund.  Participants must be no heavier than 150kg to use the auto belay system. Please note that climbers must be over 120cm to use the Leap of Faith.

Yes. One of the great things about Clip ‘n Climb is that it is one of the few activities where groups or families with mixed ages can climb together at the same time.

Although we all know that little monkeys can be awesome climbers, our minimum age for public sessions is 4 years of age – even if children are about to turn 4 in a few days or weeks.  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that children are old enough to participate.  If we become aware that a participant is under age we are required to stop their further participation and are unable to refund the session. 

Please do tell us if any of your party have additional needs or if you have concerns that we need to be aware of.  We’ll do our best to ensure that they get the most out of the experience with no hassle or fuss. We are able to accommodate customers with a range of  disabilities and additional needs.  We also run specific sessions for children who require a quieter arena in which to climb – some of our weekend sessions are hugely busy and noisy and we appreciate that this is not the best environment for everyone.  Please get in touch if you are interested in attending such a session.  

Yes you can just book your child (or yourself) into a session.  Sessions are suitable for complete beginners or repeat visitors.  All climbers must attend our safety briefing and harness fitting.  There are a range of climbing challenges in the arena and all have easy routes for novices.  Our instructors can also advise on the best climbs to tackle first if you are a complete beginner.

The entire Clip ‘n Climb experience lasts one and a half hours, including  the pre-climb briefing and harnessing up time and the time at the end to take off harnesses and return equipment.  During this time you will have approximately one hour of climbing.

Children under the age of 16 years must have an adult accompany them to the Clip ‘n Climb briefing room prior to the session starting.  We  ask that you remain in the building throughout the session – you are welcome to book a climb and join the children or enjoy the view from the balcony and a coffee in our Workshop Cafe.  

Yes – we’ve been asked this a few times!  Honestly, there’s just so much to do it’s unlikely! We have 26 different challenges which can be climbed more than once and many have multiple routes to try including coded easy, medium and hard challenges.   Children can set their own challenges to race against friends or to only grasp a selected colour of handhold.

The Leap of Faith is an optional extra costing £2.50 per go and is limited to participants who are 120cm or more.  We will always endeavour to allow as many people as possible to participate however please be understanding if there simply isn’t time to participate during your session.  In this instance we will refund any un-used tickets.  If you have already participated and wish to have a second jump during your session we will be more than willing to arrange it  but will give priority to climbers in the session who have not yet jumped.

You should wear appropriate loose fitting, flexible, comfortable clothing and closed-toe footwear such as trainers. Climbing shoes, shoes with heels, flip-flops or open toe shoes are not permitted.  Shoe laces should be tied, long hair tied back and all jewellery removed before the start of the session.  Glasses must be secure and any jewellery such as rings and ear-rings should be removed before climbing for safety reasons.

All equipment is provided which includes ropes and harnesses and our simple auto belay clips.

Spectators are more than welcome to take pictures of climbers within their group. We do ask that you are sensitive to other climbers and focus on those climbers in your party. Climbers are advised not to carry a phone or camera on them whilst they climb. Phones or other devices can become a hazard to other climbers if they fall out of pockets – they may also get damaged.

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No experience is required to enjoy Clip ‘n Climb safely.  Our instructors run a safety briefing before you climb which covers everything you need to know about using the auto belay system and how to climb the elements safely.  They will also ensure your harness is fitted correctly.  Our instructors are also on hand throughout the session to help clip you and in and out climbs and to offer assistance and support where needed.  They’ll even give you some great route tips for each climb!

We use auto belays for all the elements in the Clip n Climb arena.  The system is easy to use.  When you climb you will be clipped into the system.  As you climb the auto belay will take in the slack on the tape and when you are ready to finish your climb, or if you fall off, the belay will lower you gently to the ground.

Our elements range from 10 to 11 metres high and most have a choice of three recommended routes (easy, medium and hard challenges) as well as multiple others ways you can find to climb them!

Yes!  Adults can have a go too!  We don’t think the fun should just be for the kids.  At Clip ‘n Climb you can all participate in the arena together.  We also run  sessions in the evening during the week and at weekends if you wish to avoid sessions that are likely to include lots of children!

Volunteering as a Clipper is a great way to be involved in the experience without committing to climbing yourself.  Clippers help attach climbers to the safety tapes using karabiners which attach from the tape to the climber’s harness.  Clip ‘n Climb staff do the majority of our clipping but if you wish to help you can.  Full training is provided and we ask all our Clippers to wear one of our high vis jackets so that you can be easily identified.

We feel that one of the great things about Clip ‘n Climb is that parents have the opportunity to get involved in the experience by volunteering to be a Clipper.  If you do choose to volunteer you don’t have to clip everyone’s children – we understand you may only be comfortable interacting with your family and friends.  Clip ‘n Climb staff are the main clippers in every session and their role is to ensure climbers are able to move quickly and easily between climbs.

We have a number of climbs that are great for novices and younger climbers including Big Cheese, Red Square, Hexed and Skyscraper but it’s best to ask one of our instructors on the day for advice.  Each of our climbs will have a route card with an easy, medium and hard route for you to follow – this way all of the climbs are accessible even for the most inexperienced climbers.  If you’re finding things too easy then the route cards are a great way to test yourself – or ask one our instructors as they love setting climbers new challenges!

Sorry, but we do not allow drinks, gum or food in the Clip ‘n Climb area but we do have small lockers where you can deposit your own water bottle for a well-earned drink after the session.

Some of the challenges are solo while other allow up to two or three other climbers. You can have great fun climbing with others, either as a race or on face to face, our window wall!  Equally Clip ‘n Climb is a suitable activity to do as a solo participant.

There are endless ways to climb each of our challenges.  You can choose to take a harder route or race against an opponent or the clock in some of our challenges.


It is always advisable to book in advance, especially for weekend and holiday sessions which often sell out in advance.  Sometimes it is possible to book a last minute session and we do take on the day bookings, but we cannot guarantee there will be availability.  You can check our availability real time by visiting the booking page of the website.

The easiest way to book is through our online booking system unless you are booking using a voucher or wish to book a birthday party in which case give us a call on 01392 422 559.  Booking online is very simple, simply visit the booking page, select the date and time you wish to visit, indicate the number in your group and book.  You will receive a confirmation by email.

You can book the Leap of Faith in advance through our online booking system – it is an optional extra which you can select before you pay.  We also sell Leap of Faith tickets on the day for anyone who decides they wish to have a go – your instructor will explain how to do this during your session briefing.

Yes we do!  Gift cards are available to purchase over the phone or in person at the centre.

Yes – Clip ‘n Climb is a great activity for birthdays or group sessions.  Our Birthday Party package costs £19.95 and includes a Clip ‘n Climb session followed by food in our party room – check out our party pages for more information.  The arena can also be hired for exclusive group use, please contact us on 01392 422 559 to discuss your requirements

No! Adults can climb in any session that has free spaces.  We can also arrange for exclusive use for team building or corporate events.  Please contact us for details.

No, we will provide all the equipment you need.  Simply wear appropriate clothing to climb in and remember open toed shoes or shoes with heels, as well as climbing shoes, are not suitable for Clip ‘n Climb.

Cancellations or changes to a normal booking can be made up to 48 hours before. Please contact us on 01392 422 559 or email if you need to change your booking.  The 48 hour cancellation policy will be waived if you, or any members of your household, display symptoms of Covid-19.  In this case please contact us to rebook your session after your period of self-isolation


The centre does not have its own car park.  However there is a reasonably priced long stay car park located further along Haven Road.

The Workshop Café is located on the first floor with seating areas overlooking the Clip ‘n Climb arena.  

We operate a secure locker system both for small personal items such as wallets, phones or tablets, as well as larger lockers for bags.  Any personal belongings are left at the owners risk.

The Clip ‘n Climb arena is located on the ground floor of the building and we can offer wheelchair access, with a ramp, through a door that leads directly into the arena.  Our reception and café are on the first floor, if a member of your party notifies us that you would like access we can open up the doors and also arrange for any food or drink you may wish to purchase from the café to be served on the ground floor for you.