4-7 Years

Based in the Clip 'n Climb arena, Rockstars is our club for younger climbers. We'll help your children develop their balance, coordination and confidence on the walls using the Clip 'n Climb elements as a starting point for developing the skills that will help them move onto the bigger, roped climbing area. All Rockstars are signed up to the Rock Monkeys Programme so they can chart their progress and recognise their achievements. The emphasis is on fun and building confidence through activities that will develop their technique and agility. Club membership costs £28 per month for a weekly 1 hour session and all programme materials.

7-11 Years

Based in the main climbing arena, Monquays is our club for primary school children in years 3-6. We'll help them develop the core skills they need to become confident climbers and boulders. We focus on climbing techniques and physical agility on the wall - all taught in a fun and engaging way. Children progress through a series of technical and physical challenges that lead to Bronze, Silver and Gold Monquays Awards. The scheme prepares children for when they move onto the NICAS scheme when they graduate from Monquays to our youth clubs. Club membership costs £28 per month for a weekly 1 hour session and all programme materials.

11-17 Years
Youth Club

Based in the main climbing arena, the Youth Club is our club for young adults aged 11- 17 who wish to develop their climbing skills and progress through the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (www.nicas.co.uk). The scheme is used nationwide in climbing walls and schools meaning that our young climbers will develop transferable skills through a nationally recognised scheme. We promise exciting and challenging sessions, including instruction in lead climbing for those who wish to progress in this area. . Club membership costs £33 per month for a weekly 1.5 hour session and an additional £7.50 for enrolment on to the scheme.

7-11 Years
Holiday Monquays

Based in the main climbing arena, our Holiday Monquays Club is perfect for young rock monkeys who can't sit still in the holidays! Club runs for 1.5 hours every Tuesday, and Thursday morning throughout the holidays and is a great way to keep youngsters entertained out of mischief and help them develop their climbing and technical skills. Holiday Club sessions cost just £13 per child for 1.5 hours of instruction. 

11-17 Years
Holiday Learn to Climb

Based in the main climbing arena, our Learn to Climb sessions give young people an introduction to all aspects of climbing. Our goal is for participants to be able to tie in and belay well. They can sign up to take part in the NICAS scheme - which is the nationally accredited climbing award used in centres and schools across the country. Inductions are run over two 2 hour sessions and cost £50. (NICAS registration not included)

11-17 Years
Holiday Training Sessions

Based in the main climbing arena, our Holiday Sessions are aimed at young climbers who know how to tie in, top-rope belay and who wish to keep climbing during the holidays.    Our instructors will help you work towards your climbing goals.  If you're registered on the NICAS Scheme we will help you track and record your progress each time you climb. Sessions last 1.5 hours and cost just £12 per person.