You are currently viewing Teacher Comp Final Results!

Teacher Comp Final Results!

The results are in and here they are!

Final scores include the Leap of Faith Bonus points (shown in brackets) Thank-you so much to all of our teams for a really fun evening. We look forward too seeing all of you again soon.

1st. Spires College. 216 points (LOF 30pts)

The winning Team from right to left: Darren Veale, James Blacklock, Nathan Moore (The Organiser, they didn’t have 5 team members don’t panic) Richard Vaas & Adam Kemp.

2nd. West Exe B. 216 points (LOF 14pts)

3rd. Sidmouth College A. 205 points (LOF 18pts)

4th. Kings School Ottery B. 202 points (LOF 30pts)

Joint 5th. Ladysmith Juniors. 197 points (LOF 30pts)

Joint 5th. Kings School Ottery A. 197 points (LOF 30pts) 

Joint 5th. Ilfracombe Junior School A. 197 points (LOF 30pts) 

8th. Sidmouth Primary A. 192 points (LOF 30pts)

9th. Haywards Primary. 182 points (LOF 30pts)

10th. Uffculme Secondary A. 181 points (LOF 14pts)

11th. Lady Seawards. 172 points (LOF 30pts)

12th. St Leonards Primary B. (LOF 30pts)

13th. Ilfracombe Juniors B. 166 points (LOF 30pts)

Joint 14th. West Exe A. 157 points (LOF 0pts)

Joint 14th. Clyst St Mary Primary B. 157 points (LOF 0pts)

16th. Uffculme Secondary B. 153 points. (LOF 16pts)

17th. St Micheals Academy. 148 points (LOF 6pts)

18th. Exwick Heights Primary A. 140 points (LOF 14pts)

19th. Clyst St Mary Primary A. 139 points (LOF 0pts)

20th. Priory School Torquay. 138 points. (LOF 16pts)

21st. Exminster School B. 133 points. (LOF 16 pts)

22nd. Cockwood School. 132 points (LOF 0pts)

23rd. Copplestone Primary B. 128 points (LOF 16pts)

24th. Exminster School A. 125 points (LOF 18pts)

25th. Exwick Heights Primary B. 108 points (LOF 14pts)

26th. Countess Weir B. 101 points (LOF 14pts)

27th. Sidmouth College B. 97 points (LOF 30pts)

28th. Uplowman Primary. 87 points (LOF 5pts)

29th. Countess Weir A. 81 points (LOF 5pts)

30th. Sidmouth Primary B. 80 points (LOF 0pts)

31st. St Leonards Primary A. 71 points (LOF 0pts)

32nd. Shebbear Community. 57 points (LOF 0pts)

33rd. Copplestone Primary A. 37 points (LOF 3pts)