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Celebrating our 5th year with 5 new climbs…

We’re celebrating our 5th birthday by introducing 5 new climbs into the arena, plus a bonus extra tree climb!  The team have been busy all week updating our arena and we look forward to unveiling our new climbs on Saturday 3rd December.  We’ve retired some of our older climbs including Diamonds, Morse Code and Inflatable, but in their place we’ve introduced some  of the best new climbs out there.  Meet our new climbs:

ALIENS – invaders from space provide a super fun problem-solving challenge for ‘astro-nuts’ of all ages. LED lighting in the corner moulds adds interplanetary atmospherics as you climb to avoid the nasty aliens and reach the smiley face at the top. Pac Man meets climbing!

CIRCUIT BREAKER – climbing meets lighting effect on this fantastic circuit board. From the gently pulsing connection lines to the flickering hi-voltage handholds you can choose your circuit to the top – will you follow the round flashing holds or the solid square ones?

HEXED – Hexed…a new word in our lexicon and the 3rd of the fabulous new challenges being installed in the arena this week.  A hexagonal honeycomb of shapes to entice even the youngest climbers, Hex is Big Cheese with angles! There are plenty of routes to the top, with different coloured hexes making for a range of challenging climbs, each harder than the other. Some big moves are required on the most challenging routes, but like Big Cheese this is also a climb to appeal to the youngest climbers who want the thrill of making it to the top!

PIXETRON – Pixetron is the new Diamonds! Brightly coloured pixels are arranged in a fantastic and bright pattern that’s a real head turner (and great for photo ops too!). Figure out how best to grip the round holds and which shapes to make as you climb your way to the top following the pixels as you go!

TREE CLIMBER – Jungle Gym gives way to Tree Climbing. For little monkeys (and grown ups too) there is nothing quite like climbing a tree – so why not have a go at our very own Clip n Climb tree trunk climb?

TWISTER – remember the game of childhood? Well we’ve got a new take on twister that will have you twisting and turning your way to the top on a visually stunning climb that weaves up through a series of coloured steps – choose the undercut holds or the jugs on the other side of the climb.

The climbs will all be open from Saturday 3rd December – come and have a go, there’s now 29 lines of climbing so what are you waiting for?