The Winter Boulder League is back…

The Quay Winter Boulder League is back with a vengeance:  25 problems a month for 4 months plus we will be keeping the 40 degree circuit board up and running for the duration for those that want to continue with their winter training programmes.

Anyone can take part – the league is self scoring, attempt the problems and follow the rules on the card for awarding points.  Scorecards cost just £2 from reception – purchase a scorecard for each round and then simply pay the normal bouldering or climbing fee each time you come in to have a go at the problems.  The aim is to complete as many of the 25 problems as you can each month and hopefully give you some great, training fun along the way.  The league is being sponsored by our partners, Taunton Leisure, who are providing some great prizes for individual round winners as well as the winners of the grand final which will take place on 28th March 2015.  The highest scoring round winners (calculated by taking the scores from your highest three scoring rounds) will be counted and finalists will take part in the comp, which will also be run as a flash comp on the day.

Each month Mikey will post a beta video of one of the new problems to get you started and we’ll update the blog with the scores from each round – watch this space as the league unfolds!