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Quay Kinetics June 2015 Newsletter

Check out the June newsletter from the team behind Quay Kinetics Physiotherapy.  This month they focus on…sitting!  When we’re not climbing how many of us sit at work all day – slumped over a desk, sloping on our chair.  For many of us a typical day can involve hours of sitting in front a desk and PC – with so much on our to do lists our long term health is often the last thing on our mind.  But this month hear from Jen and the team about the importance of correct posture and ergonomic office set up, particularly for long term well being.  Their feature on setting up work stations effectively definitely struck a chord with the team at the Quay!.  This month they also focus on Shoulder Impingement injuries and there’s a rather good raw pancake recipe.  Click Quay Kinetics June to download your copy.  And don’t forget the team work out of the centre Treatment Room every Monday and Friday.