Auto Belay and Boulder Inductions
Learn to use our auto belays and boulder rooms - great fun whether you wish to climb alone or with friends and family. No experience is needed and all equipment is provided (participants must be aged 7 or over)
Learning the Ropes Inductions
For anyone who wants to learn to climb independently in the centre. Over 2 x 1 hour sessions our instructors will teach you everything you need to know to climb confidently and safely ( age 18 or over)
Learning the Ropes and Mastering Movement
This course is is perfect for beginners who want to develop and progress their skills through regular instruction. The fundamentals are taught over 4 x 2 hour sessions with plenty of opportunity to practice everything learned (participants must be aged 18 or over)
Tailored Approach: 1:1 Coaching
Our one to one coaching sessions are the perfect solution for anyone looking to develop specific skills and gain fitness - perfect for seeking a more personalised approach. We can help work on specific areas of technique or build a programme to ensure progression.